Surströmming a la socka

Recette offerte par Thomas
Photo de la recette
Les informations générales
Temps de préparation : 46 minutes
Temps de cuisson : 45 minutes
Les ingrédients
1 can of Surströmming
2 old dirty socks (one white, one black)
150 g of stinky cheese from Lille
3 small spicy chili peppers
20 g of butter
3 dl of Espresso coffee
La recette

- Say your prayers to whatever God you prefer.
- Do the peace sign.
- Write your testament.
- Make a last phone call to the person closest to you.

- Fry the socks and the chili peppers in butter.
- Add salt.
- Add the stinky cheese from Lille.
- Fry for 10 minutes.

- Repeat step 1 once again just to make sure.

- Open the can of Surströmming.
- Try to pretent it smells good.
- Add it to the rest of the ingredients and boil for 20 minutes.

- If you are still conscious, add the Espresso coffee and serve.
- If you manage to eat a whole portion of this old traditional family dish, feel confident that you can eat everything in the world, including raw Cobra blood from Taiwan.